Advanced Build Settings

The Advanced Build Settings utility allows you to customize the layer thickness of the Print Pattern Fill, Shell Options and Sidewalk Options as well as enabling or disabling Support Borders or Draw Fine Features.

Print Pattern Fill

Fill Spacing is the amount of space between interior supports. Lower values increase the interior strength of the creation.

Shell Options

Top Surface Layers Increase the value for a thicker top surface layer.
Bottom Surface Layers Increase the value for a thicker bottom surface layer.
Outer Walls Increase the value for increased strength of the outer walls.

Support Borders

Support borders (A) reinforce supports (B) for overhanging parts and should not be used for holes and cavities (C).

Draw Fine Features

Select the enable checkbox when printing small parts with fine features. For larger parts needing more accuracy, this feature should not be enabled.

Sidewalk Options

A sidewalk is a mesh boundary that prints around the outside diameter of the part. Its main purpose is to reduce the tendency of warping especially when printing flat parts with ABS material. They are not recommended for parts that have fine details. Sidewalks are designed to easily break away from the part once it has been removed from the print pad.

NOTE: A sidewalk will not print under a part and will not fill holes or cavities within the border of the part.

Sidewalk Distance Set the distance the sidewalk extends beyond the border of the part.
Sidewalk Layers Set the number of layers that will be printed.
Sidewalk Offset Set the distance between the part and the sidewalk.
Sidewalk Perforation Enabling this option will create a perforated intersecting line at the border of the part for easier removal.