Preparing And Printing A Creation


CAUTION: Do not change the material cartridge color or material type during printing. Doing so may damage the printer.

The CubePro software client includes useful tools to place a creation in the optimum position for printing. The model can be moved or rotated using the mouse.

Pan/Zoom:  Rotate the mouse wheel in either direction
Rotate the Print Pad:  Left-click and drag the mouse to change the view of the model
Move the Print Pad: Right-click and drag the mouse to move the print pad.
  1. Select Open Model.

NOTE: Select Open Model Assembly if there are multiple parts in the model.

  1. Browse to the creation file and select Open.

NOTE: The creation or assembly will appear on the print pad.

NOTE: You can also open multiple creations on the same print pad.

NOTE: To open .cubepro files, select Open from the Print File menu, browse to the creation file and select Open.

  1. If your creation requires a single color, select the Single Color checkbox from the Home tab.

  1. Move the model into the preferred position on the print pad.

NOTE: You can specify the distance you want to move the model by inputing values in the Move X or Move Y fields and then selecting Move X or Move Y.

NOTE: Auto Place allows the software to place the model in an optimum position.

NOTE: Selecting Move Model allows you to click and drag the model around the print pad.

  1. If necessary, scale and rotate the model by entering the values and selecting the corresponding buttons.

  1. Select the color you wish to use and then select the part.

NOTE: If working with an assembly, select a color and then the part you wish to change.

NOTE: If you need to replace a cartridge for a different color or material type, refer to the section Replacing A Material Cartridge. Then, verify the material type and color by reviewing the Printer Configuration settings under the Settings tab in the software.

  1. Select the color again to deselect it.
  2. Select Build.


  1. Enter the appropriate build settings and select Build.

NOTE: Refer to the section called Build Settings under the View Tab for more information.

  1. Browse to the location where the file will be saved and enter a file name. Select CubePro Build Files as Save As Type. Select Save.


NOTE: The build file may take a few minutes to create. During this time, the file is being converted from a .stl file to a .cubepro file.

NOTE: Once the build is complete, the estimated print time will appear. Select OK to close the window.

NOTE: Once the file has been built, it must be sent to the printer. There are two ways to send the file:

  • Wireless
  • USB Mass Storage Device

NOTE: Larger files will take longer to send to the printer using a wireless connection. Transferring larger files with a USB mass storage device is strongly recommended.

  1. To save to a USB mass storage device, select Save. Browse to the connected mass storage device and select Save. If sending wirelessly, go to step 13.

NOTE: The file must be stored in the root directory of the USB mass storage device.

  1. Insert the USB mass storage device into the printer’s USB inlet port. Proceed to step 14.
  2. To send the file to the printer using the wireless utility, select Send.

  1. Select PRINT on the printer touchscreen display.

NOTE: Refer to the section titled Printing Your Creation for more information.