Calibrating the Level Gap

Leveling the print pad is very important to ensure quality prints. Checking the Z-Gap and Level Gap becomes necessary after replacing a print jet, an extruder assembly, or the print pad.

The Level Gap calibration file is always printed with print jet 1. There are two independent files for checking Level Gap: one for ABS printing and one for PLA printing. 

NOTE: Ensure the file used matches the material type installed in cartridge bay 1. (Ex. If cartridge bay 1 has an ABS material cartridge, print the ABS Level Gap file.)

These files are available at 

NOTE: The Z-Gap (A) should always be checked and adjusted before the Level Gap (B).


Level Gap Calibration Print Overview
The following diagram illustrates a leveled print pad with a proper Z-Gap:

Z-Gap - The Z-Gap is the distance between the print pad and the print jet nozzles. The Z-Gap should always be checked
and adjusted first before the Level Gap (A).
 Level Gap - The Level Gap is a measurement to determine if the print pad is level with the print jet nozzles. The Level
Gap should be checked and adjusted once the Z-Gap is correct (B).