Food Safety

Because the printer produces food, please use the following food-safety guidelines:

  • Follow all standard food-service hygiene guidelines when interacting with the printer.

  • Parts are only considered fit for consumption if:
    - all food safety rules, maintenance procedures, and cleaning procedures in this guide are followed on the appropriate schedules
    - all government regulations and local laws are followed regarding food preparation

  • Powder is only considered reusable if it remains in the Build Bin, Feed Bin, Reclaim Bin, its original sealed container, or a clean, sealed food-service container. Powder may be moved from one container to another using plastic scoops, plastic pan scrapers, and sieves, as will been seen in this guide.

  • Powder is considered waste if it comes in contact with any surface other than those listed above. Reusing waste powder may lead to artifacts, print defects, and/or part contamination. Please see the Operation section of this guide for the best build-preparation practices.

  • Remove all powder from the feed, build, and reclaim bins before cleaning the printer.

  • Binder which exits the printhead and is not bound with powder to create a part is considered waste. Do not attempt to reuse binder that collects in the Printhead Station or Waste Bottle, or that has spilled outside the fluid path.