Power On Printer

Your certified installer should have powered on your system for you. However, if the system or any of its components have unexpectedly shut down, or if you have shut them down, this section describes how to start up the system's components.

Power on Printer

CAUTION: Ensure that the Hood and back panels are closed/installed before powering on the printer.

CAUTION: Machine is heavy. Ensure power cord is secure and not in a position to be rolled over by machine or other items.


  1. Ensure the machine is plugged in. The standby switch is located inside the front-left door of the printer, to the left of the Binder Receiver. Press the standby switch to turn the printer on.
  1. Allow the system a few moments to boot up. The touch screen will bring up the printer software, which will show the system status in the upper left. The printer will need to complete an 8-10 minute warmup before operation can begin.