Printer Component Replacement

The following table shows the expected lifetimes of common printer parts, as well as what types of wear and damage would warrant replacement:

Component Expected Lifetime Replace Component If
Faceplate-Cleaning Cover Life of printer If broken in any way, or if magnets fall out
Lint-free cloths Life of printer If fabric is worn out or cannot be cleaned
Printhead Inspection Mirror Life of printer Mirror breaks or becomes compromised in quality
Roller Life of printer End cap breaks from a drop, or if there are deep scratches on the roller surface
Roller Blade 1 month The gap between the blade and the roller is discernible
Snow Plows Life of printer Not containing any powder during spreading
Air Filter - Tri-Dim Filter Corp: TRI-PLEAT, 12 x 12 x 2 in. Ultra E, Merv 8 About 1 year of usage, or 9 months of total printer run time Similar to an air-conditioning filter, when the filter is visually full of particulates. Order from
Printhead Station 1 year Your print jobs mix colors, when you see jets of color dropping during a "jet check," or when the wiper is worn along its edges
Overflow Bin Life of printer There are cracks or other damage that prevent it from containing powder
Waste Bottle Life of printer Leaks are present, magnetic sensor is damaged, or the cap does not properly screw into place
Binder Tank Life of printer Leaks are present, or if there is damage to any of the components
Build Plate Life of printer Damaged to the point of not having a level build surface