Replace Roller Blade



  1. Ensure the printer Hood is closed. Tap Clean Roller on the Maintenance screen.
  1. The Gantry will begin moving to the left. Wait until the Gantry stops before opening the Hood and proceeding to Step 3.

  1. Remove the three thumb screws from the back of the roller blade.
  1. The roller blade will come off attached to its metal bracket. Remove the blade from the bracket, and replace it with your new blade.
  1. Reinstall the roller blade/bracket on the roller assembly, securing it with the three thumbs screws you removed earlier. Tighten the center thumbscrew first, and then the two outer screws.
  1. Close the printer hood. Tap Done, and then Roller is Inserted on the touch screen to close the routine and move the Gantry back to its home position.