Clean Reclaim Bin

CAUTION: Hand-wash only for all printer components and accessories.

CAUTION: To avoid warping, do not use hot water when cleaning any of these components. Use warm water instead.


WARNING: EXPLOSIVE material when in the form of dust clouds. Take care when in the vicinity of or handling explosive materials. REFERENCE NFPA 61 Standard For The Prevention Of Fires And Dust Explosions In Agricultural And Food Processing Facilities, 2017 Edition.


Frequency: Monthly
  1. Open the Collection-Area door and remove the Reclaim Bin lid, and then the Reclaim Bin, from the printer.



  1. Pour reclaimed powder into your reclaim bucket for future use, or discard reclaimed powder if desired.

    CAUTION: Using unsifted reclaimed powder may result in compromised print quality. For best results, you must sift the powder before printing.

  1. Clean the bin with warm water until all powder and powder residue is gone.


  1. If sanitizing, rinse the bin with your sanitizing solution.
  2. Dry the reclaim bin thoroughly before reinstalling.