Empty/Clean Waste Bottle

CAUTION: Hand-wash only for all printer components and accessories.

CAUTION: To avoid warping, do not use hot water when cleaning any of these components. Use warm water instead.

CAUTION: Before performing any preventative-maintenance procedures, unless a procedure specifically calls for the printer to be turned on, power the Printer down according to the section Shut Down Printer.



Empty - Daily, or whenever over half full

Clean - Daily


WARNING: Binder is flammable, as is the waste binder that collects in the bottom of the printer. It cannot be disposed of in regular trash or into sinks or drains. It must be kept in a flammable waste container that is emptied on a regular basis in conjunction with your flammable-waste service.


  1. If performing this task with other daily maintenance, go to settings-cog.jpg > Maintenance > Daily Cleaning. Remove the Waste Bottle from the printer.



  1. Unscrew the waste-bottle cap, remove the screw-top and funnel, and set them aside.

waste-bottle-lid-off.jpgSpeed 2x


  1. Empty the contents of the waste bottle into your flammable-waste container. It may help to use a funnel to direct the liquid. If only emptying, skip to Step 6; otherwise, proceed to Step 4 for cleaning.
  1. ONCE PER DAY: Rinse the waste bottle in your sink, mixing the waste binder with plenty of water before pouring down the drain. Fill and empty the bottle multiple times with water to ensure that all areas are properly cleaned. Rinse the funnel and screw-top, as well.
  2. If sanitizing, rinse all components with your sanitizing solution.


  1. Reinstall the waste-bottle funnel, and then the cap. Reinstall the bottle in the printer. If just emptying, the procedure is complete. If cleaning, proceed to Step 7.



  1. You will see the screen at the right on the printer. Do not tap Done until you have completed all daily tasks.