Clean Roller, Blade, and Snowplows

CAUTION: Hand-wash only for all printer components and accessories.

CAUTION: Ensure that all powder and printed parts are below the top edges of the Feed and Build Bins prior to this procedure. Failure to do so will lead to a collision with the Roller during the procedure.

CAUTION: To avoid warping, do not use hot water when cleaning any of these components. Use warm water instead.

CAUTION: Before performing any preventative-maintenance procedures, unless a procedure specifically calls for the printer to be turned on, power the Printer down according to the section Shut Down Printer.


Frequency: Daily, or as needed after long print jobs (> 3 hrs.)

Clean Roller

  1. Ensure the printer Hood is closed. If performing this task with other daily maintenance, go to settings-cog.jpg > Maintenance > Daily Cleaning. If doing this task by itself, tap Clean Roller on the Maintenance screen.
  1. The Gantry will begin moving to the left. Wait until the Gantry stops before opening the Hood and proceeding to Step 3.



  1. The gantry will mechanically stop just short of the end of the rails. To gain better access to the end of the roller, it is recommended that you manually move the gantry to the end of travel, as shown at the right.
  1. From the left side of the printer, pull the Roller to the right, toward the front of the printer.

CAUTION: Take care not to drag or scrape the Roller on the front bearing, or other parts of the printer. Always pull the roller out with both hands to pull it out as smoothly as possible, so as to avoid damage to the roller and other machine parts.



  1. On the touch screen, depending on whether you started Clean Roller or Daily Cleaning, you will see one of the of the following screens:

Clean Roller


Daily Cleaning


Tap to confirm you have removed the Roller. Do not tap Done until you have completed all daily tasks.
  1. Clean the roller with warm water and a clean, dry cloth. If sanitizing, also clean the roller with your sanitizing solution and a clean, dry cloth. Dry the roller thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth.

wash-roller.jpg   dry-roller.jpg

Ensure that you also thoroughly clean and sanitize the roller motor mating feature on the machine. Ensure that the roller motor is completely dry before reinstalling the roller in the machine.




Cleaning mating feature on roller motor on machine


CAUTION: Failure to adequately dry both surfaces will lead to powder residue buildup that may cause the roller to stick in place. See picture below.


Clean Snowplows

  1. Remove the front snowplow by pulling it off its mounting pins. Remove the rear plow in the same fashion.


  1. Clean snowplows by running them under warm water. If sanitizing, clean the plows with your sanitizing solution and a clean, dry cloth. Dry the plows thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth.

Clean Roller Blade


WARNING: Use caution when cleaning. Blade is sharp and is a cutting hazard.


While the Roller is out of the machine, clean the blade with warm water and a clean, dry cloth. If sanitizing, remove the blade from the machine by the three thumb screws, and clean the blade with your sanitizing solution and a clean, dry cloth. Dry the blade thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth before reinstallation.


Reinstall Roller

  1. From the left side of the printer, carefully slide the Roller back through the front bearing, being careful not to scrape any part of the printer. Line up the hollow feature on the roller bar with the key feature on the roller motor, and carefully move the roller bar until it stops over the key.




The roller bar is not fully seated until it is flush with the motor wall.

Reinstall Snowplows

  1. You will note that the snowplows are universal, able to be installed on either side of the roller.
  1. Reinstall the snowplows in their appropriate locations, with the handles facing away from the roller assembly. The small magnet on the plow will pull it toward the roller.


  1. If running Clean Roller by itself: on the touch screen, confirm that you have reinstalled the Roller. If reinstalling the roller as part of Daily Cleaning, proceed to the next daily maintenance item. If the printer detects that the Roller is not fully seated, you will see an error message.

The Roller, Blade, and Snowplows are now ready for the next print!