Replace Air Filter

Frequency: Yearly, or when prompted by the printer

For information on ordering replacement air filters, visit the section Printer Component Replacement. Ensure that you order your replacement filter from Brill, as this specialized filter is mitigating many safety hazards.

CAUTION: Do NOT use the printer without the air filter in place. Failure to reinstall the filter after this procedure, or neglecting to replace an old filter, may result in damage to sensitive electronics. Pay attention to the filter-life timer.

    NOTE: If you replace the filter without going through the touch screen prompts, as seen below, the printer will not know the filter has been replaced and will not reset the filter-life timer. If you forget to go through the touch screen prompts when replacing the filter, be sure to go through the screens after replacement as soon as possible.


  1. The printer will automatically prompt you when it is time to replace the filter; if the printer fails to present this prompt, replace the filter once per year. You can choose to replace the filter at the prompt, or tap Replace Filter Later. If you chose replace it later: on the touch screen, go to Maintenance > Replace Filter to begin the Replace Filter wizard. On the screen seen below, tap Replace Filter once more.


  1. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the two captive screws on the lower-back panel. Remove the lower-back panel.
  1. Turn the thumbscrew on the handle of the filter housing to open it.

WARNING: Fans will continue to operate while filter housing is open. When the door is open, air that was blowing into the machine will blow outward.

  1. Lift the old filter out of the printer, as shown.
  1. Install the new filter in place, as shown, ensuring that the airflow arrow is pointing to the right.
  1. Close the filter housing and turn the thumbscrew to lock it.
  1. Reinstall the lower-back panel. Tap Replaced Filter on the touch screen.

You have finished replacing the filter!