In Place Cleaning Procedure

Frequency: Yearly

CAUTION: This procedure cannot be performed on a dry printer (one without binder or cleaning solution inside).

  • If performing this procedure as part of full yearly maintenance, ensure you have performed all other daily, monthly, and yearly maintenance before beginning, except for the following procedures that you will perform during in-place cleaning:
    • Empty/Clean Waste Bottle
    • Clean Printhead Station
    • Sanitize Binder Tanks
    • Clean All Surfaces
  • If performing this procedure as part of troubleshooting, no additional cleaning is necessary.
  • This will be an overnight process and will take some additional time the day after.


There are several steps you must take before performing the In-Place Cleaning. Perform the following tasks in the order shown:

  1. Dry the Binder System. This procedure takes about 20 minutes.
  2. Add half a bottle of Brill 3D Cleaning Solution to each of the four binder tanks. Complete the Wet Binder System procedure. This procedure takes about 30 minutes.
  3. Let the printer sit overnight, at least 16, but no more than 20, hours.

In Place Cleaning

  1. On the touch screen, go to Maintenance > Clean Binder System to begin the In-Place Cleaning wizard. Tap Start to confirm.
  1. Ensure that the following steps were completed during the preparation phase: 
    1. Empty and clean the waste bottle
    2. Empty and sanitize the binder tanks
    3. Clean all surfaces so they are free of powder.

Tap Continue on the touch screen.

  1. The printer will then ask you to fill each binder tank with one full bottle (1 qt, 0.9 L) of Brill 3D Cleaning Solution, sold separately from the printer. Fill the tanks and tap Start Cleaning Binder System.




  1. The touchscreen will display the progress of the routine. Once the sanitize cycle is complete, proceed to Step 5. The whole cleaning process will take about three hours.
  1. Pour excess cleaning solution from the binder tanks and waste bottle into your flammable-waste container. Clean each binder tank and fill each with the correct binder. Once finished, tap Binder Tanks Filled. The process of wetting the system with binder will take about one hour.

    WARNING: Brill 3d cleaning SOLUTION is flammable. It cannot be disposed of in regular trash or into sinks or drains. It must be kept in a flammable waste container that is emptied on a regular basis in conjunction with your flammable-waste service.




  1. The printer will move binder through the system to prime it. Once you see the screen at the right, the IPC procedure is complete. It is recommended to clean the printhead station, soak the printhead, and empty the waste bottle (if you have not already done so) before your next print job. Tap Clean Printhead Station if you wish to do this. If you do not wish to do this, tap Done.