Deep Clean Feed and Build Bins

CAUTION: Hand-wash only for all printer components and accessories.

CAUTION: To avoid warping, do not use hot water when cleaning any of these components. Use warm water instead.


WARNING: EXPLOSIVE material when in the form of dust clouds. Take care when in the vicinity of or handling explosive materials. REFERENCE NFPA 61 Standard For The Prevention Of Fires And Dust Explosions In Agricultural And Food Processing Facilities, 2017 Edition.




This procedure will completely clean the Build/Feed Bins and Platforms.

  1. Use a scoop to remove the bulk of the powder from the Feed and Build bins. The included Pan Scraper may be useful for collecting additional fine powder from the corners. 



  1. Ensure the printer Hood is closed. On the touch screen, go to settings-cog.jpg > Maintenance > Clean Bins. You will see the screen below on the touch screen. Tap Empty Bins to get to the Empty Bins screen.


  1. The Build Bin screen will take a moment to initialize, during which buttons will be grayed out. After this, tap the move-bin-to-top-button.jpg button in the Feed or Build section to move the platform you are cleaning to its upper limit. Leave the printer Hood closed until this has completed. The image below shows both platforms at their offload positions.


  1. Open the printer hood. Twist the RIGHT platform counterclockwise to unlock and remove it. Once the right platform is completely out of the machine, remove the left platform in the same way.




  1. Clean the platforms with your sanitizing solution and a clean, dry cloth. Dry thoroughly.


  1. In the bins: clean out any powder that has fallen under the platform using a clean, damp cloth. Be careful not to get any powder in the air hole (1) as you clean. This hole allows air to enter/escape as the platform moves up/down.
  1. Clean the bins with your sanitizing solution and a clean, dry cloth. Ensure that you clean all metal surfaces, plus the lead screw (1) and the piston (2). Dry thoroughly.
  1. On the touch screen, tap Bins Are Clean.
  1. Reinstall the LEFT platform first by placing it on the piston, lining up the groove on the platform with the keyed area on the piston, and turning the platform clockwise. Ensure that that the key goes into the groove until it stops, as seen at the right. Once the left platform is fully seated, install the other platform on the right.

CAUTION: Do NOT apply downward force to the platform during reinstallation. The weight of the platform is enough to guide it down as you rotate it into place.

To reduce the noise the platform might make with its up/down motion, you can use some 3D Culinary Powder around the outside edges to soften them:






  1. Ensure both platforms are secure and tap Platforms Are Secure. This will move the platforms back to their home positions at the tops of the bins.