Collection Area


A Reclaim Bin - This collects excess powder that has been channeled into the Overflow Chute. This powder may be "reclaimed" and reused in the printer, as long as it is sifted first. See photo below of the Reclaim Bin removed from the machine.

CAUTION: Using unsifted reclaimed powder may result in compromised part quality. For best results, you must sift the powder first. Refer to the Powder Handling Guidelines for more information.

B Waste Bottle - This collects the waste binder from the printhead-cleaning/purging process. It holds 98 fl. oz. (2.9 L) of waste binder. This waste must be discarded according to all government regulations regarding flammable liquids. See photo below of the Waste Bottle removed from the machine.
C Shelf - This shelf contains cut-out features to fit the Reclaim Bin and Waste Bottle.
D Storage Drawer - This drawer slides out and allows for storage of part-removal tools and other items.
E Tool Box - This box provides an additional storage area.
reclaim-bin.jpg waste-bottle-closed-110520191621.jpg
Reclaim Bin removed from the machine with cover Waste Bottle removed from the machine


Storage Drawer removed from the machine Tool Box