Printhead Station

The Printhead Station has two parts: the removable Top and the non-removable Base. The Top comes off for easy cleaning of its components. See the section Clean Printhead Station for more information.


A Wiper - After the printhead purges binder, this wipes the bottom of the printhead as the printhead passes over it.
B Cap - The printhead purges binder into this area to maintain jetting stability. When the printer is idle, the printhead parks over this space.
C Soaking Platform - The printhead jets park over this platform when running the Soak Printhead procedure.


A Printhead Station Piston - Drives the up and down movement of the printhead-station Top during different printer operations
B Drain - When the printhead is soaked or purged, waste binder is drained into the waste bottle below via this hole. See the section Waste-Collection Area for more information.