Build Chamber


A Deck - This platform separates the upper and lower build chambers, and serves as a base that the upper-build-chamber components rest on.
B Feed Bin - The reservoir that contains the powder that will be spread into the Build Bin throughout a build. The Feed Platform at the bottom of the bin moves up and down during printing, as well as during powder loading.
C Build Bin - The area where the 3D part is produced. The Build Platform at the bottom of the bin moves up and down during part building and removal.
D Overflow Chute - During powder spreading and part removal, powder is channeled into this chute to be collected in the powder Reclaim Bin in the Waste-Collection Area.
E Printhead - The set of jets that deposits clear/colored binders on the top layer of powder during part building. See the section Printhead for more information.
F Printhead Station - Place where printhead parks whenever purging binder, cleaning itself, or sitting idle. See the section Printhead Station for more information.
G Roller - A metal rod that spreads an even layer of powder across the top of the Build Bin. See the section Roller Assembly for more information.
H Gantry - Moves left and right on rails to deposit binder via the printhead, and powder via the roller.
I Chamber Lights - Illuminate the chamber during printing.
J Hood-Closed Sensors - Connect with magnetic sensors underneath the deck to sense when the hood is closed.