Brill 3D Culinary Printer Components

Printer Front

A Hood - A lift-assisted top cover that, when open, allows access to the build area. When closed, it protects print jobs from outside contaminants and protects the operator from machine hazards during operation. To avoid contaminants getting into the Build Chamber, only open the Hood when necessary.
B Build Chamber - Area where printing occurs. See the section Upper Build Chamber for more information.
C Touch Screen - This is the user interface that controls all functions of the printer. See the section Printer User Interface for more information. While it can be removed for easier transport through narrow areas, the screen will not function when removed.
D Binder Receiver - This area contains the Binder Tanks and their connections to the machine. See the section Binder Receiver for more information. This area also contains the printer's Standby Switch (see below).
E Collection Area - This area contains the Powder Reclaim Bin and Binder Waste Bottle. See the section Collection Area for more information. This area also has additional room to store small tools.


Standby Switch


Printer Back 

A X-Axis Cabinet - This compartment houses the components that drive the printer's X-Axis movement. Only your service provider should access this cabinet.
B Back-Panel Thumb Screws - Secure the lower-back panel to the printer. You will remove this panel when replacing the air filter.
C Ethernet Inlet - Connects the printer to your network
D Power Cable - Connects the printer to a power outlet
E Rear Cabinet - Contains the air filter, as well as other printer components. See the section Replace Air Filter for more information.