Printing on Top of a Previous Job

If you have enough room in the Build Bin for your next print job to print on top of the current finished job, you may opt to print the next build without performing post-processing. However, ensure your situation fits the following guidelines:

  1. Ensure you have enough height in the Build Bin for the next job, plus the 25 mm of base-layer spreads the printer will perform.
  2. You cannot put a Build Plate on top of a powder base. Thus, your second build should not be large or excessively delicate.
  3. For the first build, you may skip part drying by tapping Skip on the touch screen so that you can print the second build sooner; but this is not recommended. Whether you skipped drying or not, tap Start Next Job on the touch screen instead of Remove.

    CAUTION: Skipping the drying step while attempting to stack multiple print jobs may lead to part deformation and other print-quality issues

  4. Do not tamp the powder down in the Build Bin before the second build, as this will damage parts from the first build.
  5. If you need to add more powder, you will still need to tamp the powder in the Feed Bin and perform Spreads through the touch screen. You can also use a Pan Scraper to assist in the flattening process before doing Roller spreads.

    CAUTION: Do NOT raise the Build Bin during this process, as doing so will move your first part in the path of the roller, which will damage it.