Printer Info

TIP: Please be prepared to reference this section when contacting your service provider. Having accurate printer identification information is critical in streamlining the troubleshooting process. 


Tap the Printer Info button to view the Printer Info Screen. This screen gives full information about the printer and its firmware. Below is an overview of the screen's features:


A Back Button - Tap to go back to the Settings main screen.
B Printer Name - The name given to your printer. If you do not change the name on the Network screen, the name will default to Brill 3D Culinary Printer.
C Printer Model - Detailed model description of the printer
D Serial Number - The serial number of the printer
E MAC Address - Hardware identification number for the printer
F Release Version - Embedded firmware version running on the printer
G Print Job Manager Version - The version of the print-job application on the printer
H Image Slicer Version - The version of the 3D-model slicer on the printer
I Print Engine Version - The version of the print-process hardware on the printer
J UI Version - The version of the firmware's User Interface
K Licenses - Lists the different software/firmware licenses used on the embedded firmware. Scroll down to see the list.
L 3D Connect Version - Shows the version of 3D Connect running on the printer