Tap the Network button to view the Network Screen. This screen allows you to view/change the printer's network information. Below is an overview of the screen's features:


A Back Button - Tap to go back to the Settings main screen.
B Printer Name - Use this field to update the printer's name, by which it will be discovered on your network by 3D Sprint.
C IP Address - The IP address of the printer
D DHCP Toggle - Quick access to turn DHCP on/off. When DHCP is enabled, your network will automatically assign an IP address to the printer. When DHCP is disabled, your network administrator will be able to manually assign an IP address to the printer.
E Network Interface Attributes - These are all values that can be changed when DHCP is turned off. Please contact your network administrator for more information.
F 3D Connect Toggle - Use this toggle to turn 3D Connect service on/off. See the 3D Connect website for more information on its features.
G Reset - Tap to reset all network information to the factory defaults.
H Apply - Tap to save any changes.