Settings Screen

Tap the settings-cog.jpg button at the top of the screen to view the Settings Screen. This screen allows you view and change many of the printer's default functions and configurations. Below is an overview of the screen's features:


A Network - This screen allows you to view/change the printer's network information. See the Network section for more information.
B Date & Time - This screen allows you to set the date, time, and timezone of the printer. See the Date & Time section for more information.
C Language & Units - This screen allows you to set a different language, and switch between Imperial and Metric units that are used throughout the touch-screen software. See the Language & Units section for more information.
D Display Brightness - This screen allows you to adjust the touch screen's backlight brightness. See the Display Brightness section for more information.
E Printer Info - This screen gives full information about the printer and its firmware. See the Printer Info section for more information.
F Usage Log - This screen provides full printer usage information, from number of jobs to the amount of binder and powder that have been through the system. See the Usage Log section for more information.
G Email Alerts - This screen allows you to set up/change the configuration for receiving email notifications from the printer. See the Email Alerts section for more information.
H Restart Printer - Use this screen to restart the printer without powering it down. See the Restart Printer section for more information.