Completed Print Jobs

The Completed Print Job section displays all completed print jobs. Below is an overview of this section's features.


A Completed Expand Button - Tap this line to expand/collapse the Completed section. The number in parentheses is the number of completed print jobs.
B Total Time - The amount of time the print job took
C Build Mode - The Print Mode used in the build, as brought over from 3D Sprint
D Status - The status of the print job when it completed
E Print Preview - Shows an isometric rendering of what your completed build looked like. This preview will have a red indicator on it if the job failed, or was aborted.
F Build File Name - The name of build file, as brought over from 3D Sprint

Swipe-Left Features

When you swipe left on the completed print job, you will access the following options:


A Delete Button - Brings up a dialog window to confirm deleting the print job from the printer
B Reprint Button - Moves a copy of this print job into the Pending queue