Active Print Job

The Active Print Job section only shows up when there is a job printing. Below is an overview of this section's features.


A Print Preview - Shows an isometric rendering of what your completed build will look like.
B Build File Name - The name of the build file, as brought over from 3D Sprint
C Time Remaining - Time remaining in the build
D Print Job Status - Shows the status of the current print job
E Progress Bar - A visual representation of the build's progress and status. A blue bar indicates normal printing, while a red bar indicates a paused or aborted build.

Swipe-Left Features

When you swipe left on the active print job, you will access the following options:


A Abort Button - Brings up a dialog window to confirm the aborting of the print job
B Pause Button - Brings up a dialog window to confirm the pausing of the print job. The print job can be paused indefinitely; however, after 60 minutes, your build quality may be compromised. After this, the printer will give you the option to abort or continue the job. See item PPQ 1 in the Troubleshooting section for more information.