Maintenance Screen

Tap the Maintenance Button at the top of the screen to view the Maintenance Screen. This screen allows you to perform all the different periodic maintenance tasks you must do on the printer. Below is an overview of the screen's features:


A Daily Cleaning - Guides you through the daily printer-cleaning routines.
B Clean Roller - Guides you through removing/cleaning the Roller, Blade, and Snowplows. See the section Clean Roller, Blade, and Snowplows for more information.
C Clean Printhead Station - Guides you through cleaning the Printhead Station. See the section Clean Printhead Station/Drain for more information.
D Clean Bins - Guides you through cleaning both the Feed and Build bins. See the section Clean Feed and Build Platforms/Bins for more information.
E Clean Printhead - Begins the process for either jetting or soaking the Printhead. See the section Soak Printhead for more information.
F See Fault Log - Opens up the Fault Log screen. See the section See Fault Log for more information.
G Replace Filter - Guides you through replacing the air filter in the back of the machine
H Clean Binder System - Guides you through the In-Place Cleaning procedure
I System Maintenance - Provides a set of automated routines used to flush the binder-delivery system. These tools are of particular use if the printer is being prepared to move to another facility, or intended to be put in storage.
J Print Tests - Guides you through running different test print jobs to help diagnose print-quality issues
K Contact Information - Shows the contact information for printer support