Detailed Print Job Information

Tap the Information Button on the home screen to see detailed information about the print job.


A Build File Name - The name of the build file, as brought over from 3D Sprint
B Created By - This section displays the name of the user that created the build file in 3D Sprint, as well as the date/time the build file was created.
C Est Total Time - The estimated time the build will take to complete
D Print Mode - The Print Mode that was used in creating the build file in 3D Sprint. This can be Standard or Delicate. Please see the Print Modes and Build Styles section for more information.
E Build Height - The total height of the print job
F Part Qty - The number of parts loaded in the build area, as brought over from 3D Sprint.
G Layers - The total number of layers of the print job
H Est Binder - The amount of Binder the print job is expected to consume, as brought over from 3D Sprint
I Print Preview - Shows an isometric rendering of what your completed build will look like. Swipe left or right to see three different angles of the build.
J Start Printing - Tap to start the print job.