Home Screen

When you power the system on, the touch screen will default to the Home Screen. This screen mainly shows the status of the current print job, or of the most-recent print job. If you leave this screen, you can return by tapping the home-icon.jpg icon.



Printer Status - This section displays the current status description of the printer, along with a color-coded dot to indicate a general status of the printer. Colored dots indicate the following:

Blue Dot - Normal functionality

Yellow Dot - The printer needs to complete a task before normal functionality can begin.

Red Dot - Indicates a printer error or aborted build

B Print Preview - This section displays a rendering of what your completed build will look like. Swipe left or right over the image to switch between three angles.
C Print Preview Index - These dots indicate which angle of the print preview you are currently on. From left to right, they indicate: isometric, front, and top views.
D Time Remaining - Time remaining in the build, or in the drying cycle
E Information Button - Tap this button to see detailed information about the build, as brought over from 3D Sprint. See the section Detailed Print Job Information for more.
F Build File Name - The name of build file, as brought over from 3D Sprint
G Progress Bar - A visual representation of the build's progress and status. A blue bar indicates normal printing or drying, while a red bar indicates a paused or aborted build. It also features a percentage inside during printing.
H Progress Message - This text changes depending on what stage of the build the machine is in. For example, it can show an estimated completion time during printing or the Print Mode used in 3D Sprint once the print is complete.
I Context Buttons - This section will feature 1-2 buttons, depending on the state of a build. The buttons will be different depending on the context.