Printer User Interface


The printer has a 7 in. (17.8 cm) touchscreen on the front. Please adhere to the following guidelines when using the touchscreen:

  1. The touchscreen is capacitive, meaning that it registers an input whenever something holding an electric charge (like fingers) touches it. Touch input has been tested to work with lab-quality, powder-free gloves; however, you should ensure that you do not touch the screen if you have recently handled binder, or objects that have been in contact with it. This is to keep functionality of the screen intact and to not stain it.
  2. If binder, powder, or fingerprints do get on the screen, clean with a damp microfiber cloth. It is important to use microfiber, or another anti-static cloth, as static discharge can cause the screen to shut off.
  3. If the touch screen becomes damaged to the point of not functioning properly, cease printing and contact your service provider.
  4. The touch screen may be removed when transporting the printer throughout your facility. However, it does not function when not attached to the printer.

The touchscreen software has five main screens with different functionality. Please see the breakdown below, as well as a detailed view of each screen in the sections that follow.


A Home- Tap this to go to the Home screen. Please see the section Home Screen for more information.
B Queue - Tap this to go to the Queue screen. Please see the section Queue Screen for more information.
C Controls - Tap this to go to the Controls screen. Please see the section Controls Screen for more information.
D Maintenance - Tap this to go to the Maintenance screen. Please see the section Maintenance Screen for more information.
E Settings - Tap this to go to the Settings screen. Please see the section Settings Screen for more information.