Print Modes and Build Styles

Print Modes

Brill 3D Culinary Printer has two different Print Modes to choose from in 3D Sprint:

Standard - Ideal for thick, simple and solid shapes like a cube, car, or a solid figurine. snowman-part.jpg
Delicate - Ideal for complex shapes that include thin walls, lacy perforations, or other fragile elements. delicate-part-multicolor-vase.jpg


Build Styles

Brill 3D Culinary Printer has three different Build Styles to choose from in 3D Sprint:

Vivid Color - Solid, saturated, vibrant. Ideal for logos and solid shapes vivid-color-build-style.jpg
Standard - Scenic, neutral. Ideal for images and blended colors standard-build-style-butterflies-on-cake-cu.jpg
Skin Tone - Natural complexion. Ideal for a person's face. skin-tone-example.jpg