Recover from Print Job Abort

There are several ways a print job might be aborted:

  • Home screen
  • Queue screen
  • Open the printer hood or remove the back panel
  • Power outage/Emergency shutdown of a Printer
  • Printer failure of some kind

This section will describe each of these scenarios and how to recover from them.

Print Abort Methods

Home Screen

Tap the Cancel button on the home screen during a print to abort the job. You will receive a confirmation screen to ensure you wish to abort the job.



Queue Screen

Swipe left on the active print job and tap the queue-abort-button.jpg button. You will receive a confirmation screen to ensure you wish to abort the job.



Open the Printer Hood or Remove the Back Panel

The hood and back panel have safety switches on them, which will abort the print job when tripped. If you must open the hood, go to the home or queue screen to pause the print job before doing so. If the print job is paused for more than 60 minutes, you will receive a message that print quality may be compromised if the build is continued.



10x speed

Power Outage/Emergency Shutdown of a Printer

In the event of a power outage or emergency shutdown, your print job cannot be resumed after power is restored. After rebooting, your print will have moved to the Completed Queue with a status of Failed. At that point, you can swipe left on the failed print job and tap reprint.jpg to reprint the build.


Printer Failure of Some Kind

The printer may experience mechanical or firmware errors during the print job, which cause the job to abort.




Recover from an Aborted Print Job

After an aborted print job of any kind:

  1. Perform normal part removal for any parts that printed in full or partially, according to the Post-Processing Guide. Fully post-process the parts if you wish.
  2. Move the build-bin powder into the reclaim bin for later sifting. Leaving powder from an aborted build in the build bin risks bits of your aborted build affecting the next print job.
  3. Restart your build. If this is a failed build due to a printer error, troubleshoot the error first. Contact your service provider if necessary.