Print Job Overview

Before printing can begin, you must prepare a 3D model in 3D Sprint and send the file to the printer over your network. When in the 3D Sprint Software, you can click the help icon new.png icon, or press F1, for full software instructions.

Below are some guidelines for submitting/building a job on the printer:

  1. Do not shut down or restart the machine during printing. The print job will be aborted and cannot be restarted.
  2. Do not attempt to defeat any of the safety switches on the printer, as discussed earlier in this manual.
  3. Do not open the Hood during printing.
  4. Do not leave anything, such as tools or other supplies, in the machine during printing. These items could impede the motion of printer components.
  5. Ensure that the correct Binder Tank is installed in each slot of the Binder Receiver, and that each tank has sufficient binder inside for the next job.
  6. For the printer to successfully print a job, the following conditions must be met:
    1. The Printhead Station and Waste Bottle must be installed.
    2. The Roller, Blade, and Snowplows must be installed.
    3. The Feed Platform and Build Platform must be installed.
    4. The Build Bin must have enough room to move down for the height of the build.
    5. The Feed Bin must be low enough to supply the Build Bin with powder for the duration of the build.
    6. The printer Hood must be closed.
    7. All machine panels and covers must be installed.
    8. You must have performed at least one Roller spread.