Moving the Printer

If you must move the printer from its current location, use the following guidelines:

  1. If the printer is going into storage, or will be inactive for more than seven days, you must first perform the procedures in the section System Maintenance and Storing the Printer.

    CAUTION: Failure to perform System Maintenance and Storing the Printer may result in significant damage to all printer components containing binder.

  2. Both the front handle and touch screen may be removed, enabling the unit to move through a 31 in. (78.7 cm) doorway.
  3. Disconnect the machine from power and network before moving.
  4. Tape, or otherwise secure, power cord on the back of the printer.

    CAUTION: Take all necessary precautions to prevent rolling the printer over the power cord, and to prevent the power cord from snagging on anything in transit.

  5. When reinstalling, do not position the printer such that it is difficult to access the power outlet it is plugged into in an emergency situation.
  6. Once in its new location, use the caster locks on the two front casters to lock the printer in place.
  7. Review the Facility Requirements Guide to ensure that the space you wish to move the printer to meets all the requirements.