Important Safety Information

Safety Symbols and Definitions

Some or all of the following safety symbols may appear in this guide and/or in other printer documentation.

CAUTION: Indicates the possibility of loss of data or damage to equipment.

WARNING: Indicates the possibility of injury or death to personnel.

ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD: High voltage electricity is accessible in the vicinity of this sign or behind the access panel. High voltage can cause severe burns or death, as well as fires. Access panels are for service only and should be opened only by certified service personnel or trained maintenance personnel.

WEAR GLOVES: Wear the appropriate gloves when required. For example, when touching surfaces that may contain or have been exposed to hazardous materials, wear food-safe gloves. Heat gloves are necessary when touching surfaces that may be hot to ensure burns don’t occur.

KEEP FINGERS AWAY FROM FAN: Putting fingers in way of moving fan can cause serious injury.

   NOTE: A note signifies important information but not information of a critical content.

First-Aid and Protective Equipment

Skin Contact

Binder contains food dyes and will stain clothing/skin. Wear food-safe gloves and lab coats to avoid skin contact. Should binder come in contact with skin, wash thoroughly with soap and warm water. If skin is irritated, get medical attention. Stained clothing may be washed in a normal washing machine.

Contact Lenses

If binder splashes into the eye when contact lenses are worn, flush the eye with water immediately. Verify that flushing has removed the contact lens from the eye. Discard contact lenses that come into contact with binder.

Fume Inhalation

The printer, and its materials, do not emit offensive odors during idle times or operation.


All build materials used in the printer are fit for consumption, barring a specific person's allergic reaction or intolerance. Consult the SDS for each powder and binder you use for a list of ingredients.

Material Handling and Safety

For print-material handling and safety, please refer to the SDS and Brill 3D Culinary Printer User Guide.