De-Powdering Your Parts

For full usage instructions of the Brill 3D Culinary Finishing Station, see it's User Guide. This section assumes you have reviewed the guide.

TIP: To reduce the changes of part breakage during this procedure, store parts for several hours before to allow them to dry further.


  1. Power on the finishing station by pressing the power button on the far right. Adjust the regulator valve, if desired.
  1. Remove Airbrush from its holster. Push the button to open the Airbrush Valve and initiate airflow.
  1. Use the Airbrush to blow all powder off your parts until all whiteness from the powder is gone from colored surfaces. Pay special attention to crevices, corners, and other small features.



  1. As you finish parts, transfer them to a clean tray/container.
  1. Lift your finger off the Airbrush Valve to stop airflow, and place the Airbrush back in its holster.
  1. Power off the machine by pressing the power button on the far-right.

Your part is now finished and ready for eating or storage! See the Culinary Printer Best Practices for advanced post-processing techniques.