Printed-Part Quality

This section describes only those Printed-Part Quality issues that are directly related to the Finishing Station. For PPQ issues relating to the 3D Culinary Printer and 3D Sprint part setup, see the Brill 3D Culinary Printer User Guide and Best Practices.

# Issue Description Customer Troubleshooting Steps
PPQ1 Feature broke off part during finishing

This can be caused by:

  1. Held Airbrush too closely to part - In general, the Airbrush should keep your parts intact while removing all powder. For future de-powdering jobs, try holding the Airbrush further from the part.
  2. Part was grasped too tightly during finishing. Ensure that you grip the part softly, just enough to hold it steady for finishing.
  3. Part was dropped onto the Work Area. To prevent this, try resting the part on the Work Area surface to finish it, rather than holding it in your hand/fingers.
PPQ2 Cannot get powder out of small feature 3D Part design exceeded the minimum tolerances. Very small features will collect dust that cannot be removed or is very difficult to remove. Try designing parts with larger or simpler features. See the Best Practices Guide for more information.