Hardware Issues

# Issue Description Customer Troubleshooting Steps
HW1 Low/no pressure coming out of Airbrush
  1. Do you hear the air compressor turned on?
    1. Yes - run your hand along the air hose in the Work Area and feel if there are any leaks. If there are, contact your service provider for assistance. If there are no leaks, proceed to Step 2.
    2. No - Shut down the unit. Wait 30 seconds and power it back on. If compressor fails to turn on, contact your service provider for assistance.
  2. Check the Filter Drawer. This filters the air being exhausted out the bottom of the machine. This exhaust cools down the Air Compressor. If the filter is clogged, this can cause the compressor to overheat. To fix this, empty the filter drawer, change the filter, and allow the machine time to cool. If the compressor does not come back on, contact your service provider.
HW2 Blower is on, but waste not collecting in Catch Tray
  1. The Catch Tray does not fill up nearly as quickly as the Filter Drawer. Because of this, it may only seem that waste is not collecting inside.
  2. Remove the Grate and ensure it is not clogged. Check the open area under the grate to ensure it is not clogged, either. If clogged, use a vacuum hose to clear it of powder.
  3. With the machine powered off and unplugged remove the back panel and inspect the ducting for signs of powder escaping, especially around the interface areas on and around the cyclonic separator. If powder is determined to be escaping, contact your service provider.
HW3 Finishing Station will not turn on
  1. Ensure your breaker has not tripped.
  2. Shut down the unit. Wait 30 seconds and power it back on.
  3. If 1 and 2 do not solve the issue, contact your service provider.