Label Installation Diagram

The Finishing Station has many warning labels throughout. This section details what those warning labels are, how many of each warning label is on the machine, and the locations of each type of label. It is important to use the machine with extreme caution to avoid situations that may be hazardous. The numbers in the Item column below correspond to the numbers in the images that follow.

Item Description Qty Label
1 Product label - Finishing Station 1 38-0028_Brill-3D-Culinary-Finishing-Station_DataPlate.jpg
2 Warning - Risk of electrical shock. Disconnect power before servicing. 2 voltage-warning.jpg
3 Earth ground - shows the location of the earth ground wire


Finishing Station back Finishing Station, right panel removed
FS-voltage-product-labels-2.jpg FS-ground-label.jpg
Finishing Station, left panel removed Finishing Station, right panel and electrical panel removed