Environmental Safety

The following are environmental issues concerning the Finishing Station:


To allow optimum systems operation and optimum part quality, the temperature of the Finishing Station's location should remain stable. The working range is 64.4°F - 78.8°F (18°C - 26°C).

There are no special requirements for controlling waste heat on the Finishing Station.

Humidity and Altitude

The optimal humidity in the Finishing Station Work Area and kitchen should always be non-condensing and should not go above 40% RH. Review your material information (SDS, User Guide, and product labeling) for specific information on recommended humidity levels.

The Finishing Station is capable of operating correctly up to an altitude of 6,561.7 ft. (2,000 m) above mean sea level.

Sound Pressure

Overall sound pressure level for this equipment will not exceed 85 dBA, and, therefore, does not require ear protection to operate.

Disposal of Waste Powder

Waste powder and discarded/broken builds may be disposed of as normal food waste.