Printable Maintenance Chart

This checklist is designed to help you keep up to date with regular finishing-station maintenance. This is NOT an official document that must be submitted to your service provider; it is only for your information. Fill out the information in ALL the fields, and then press ctrl+P (cmd+P on Mac) to print the document. There is space at the bottom to sign and date if you wish to do so.

This form is not digitally submitted to any entity. It is for your use only, and is intended to be printed out once complete.

Company Name:
Maintenance Performer:

Daily Items

Empty Waste Drawer (link)

Monthly Items

Clean Access Window (link)
Clean Air Filter (link)
Clean Grate and Work Area (link)
Clean Back Panel (link)

Yearly Items

Replace Air Filter (link)
Clean Cyclonic Separator (link)
Maintenance Performer Signature: Date:
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