Clean Grate and Work Area

Frequency: Monthly
  1. Power on the the machine.


  1. Use a brush to channel all loose powder to the vacuum grate at the back of the work area.
  2. Once most of the powder is gone, turn the machine off and wipe down the work area with sanitizing solution and a clean, dry cloth.



  1. Remove the grate from the machine by pulling it up and out by the two holes.
  1. Clean the top and bottom of the grate with warm water and a clean, dry cloth, and then with your sanitizing solution. Dry the grate thoroughly.

CAUTION: Failure to thoroughly dry any Finishing Station component before reinstallation can cause excess powder buildup on the component during operation.

  1. While the grate is out of the machine:
  1. Turn the machine on and blow the excess powder into the vacuum tube.



  1. Clean the sloped area with sanitizing solution, followed by a clean, dry cloth. Ensure that the surface is thoroughly dry before the grate is reinstalled.
  2. Dry the area thoroughly.
  1. Reinstall the grate in the machine, holding it by the two holes.
  1. Clean all inner surfaces in the work area, including the air hose and airbrush, with your sanitizing solution and a dry, clean cloth.

You have finished cleaning the grate and work area.