Finishing Station Components


A Access Window - Allows the user to view the part he/she is finishing, while providing protection from build powder clouding coming off the part. This window is on a hinge and can be raised out of the way. The window must be shut during use to protect from pressurized air and flying debris.
B Work Area - Perform all part finishing in this area. There is a grate in the back to channel powder into the Waste-Management System.
C Air-Pressure Gauge - Shows the amount of pressure in psi (pounds per square inch) in the air system.
D Air-Regulator Valve - Adjusts the psi of the air coming out of the Airbrush. See the section Adjust Air Pressure for more information
E Power Button - Turns the machine on/off
F Waste-Collection Area - This cabinet contains air filters and a Waste Drawer. These work together to contain waste powder for easy removal/disposal.

Back Panel

There are mechanical devices and electronics behind the back panel.

CAUTION: Always power down and unplug the machine before removing the back panel. Only remove the back panel when performing the maintenance procedures described in this manual.


A Back-Panel Latches - Fasten the back panel in place
B Handle - Used by service personnel to remove the back panel
C Power Cable - Built-in 120V~ power cord