Part 2


The temperature in the room or location where the printer resides should remain stable to allow optimal system operation and part quality.

3D Culinary Binders and Powders should be stored and printed with between 64.4-78.8°F (18-26°C). If your storage and/or printing room is kept beyond either extreme, you may see a degradation in print quality.

WARNING: do not store powder or binder near sources of ignition.


The optimal humidity in the printer build chamber and kitchen should always be non-condensing and should not be greater than 40% RH. Review your 3D Culinary material information (SDS, Instructions for Use) for specific information on recommended humidity levels.

Post-Print Part Storage

Finished printed parts should be stored at a maximum of 40% RH (Relative Humidity) and 70°F (21.1°C) ambient temperature, in a closed cabinet that can keep away contaminants. Placing a desiccant like limestone in your storage area will help keep parts dry. Below is a sample part-storage setup:



The printer is capable of operating correctly up to an altitude of 0-6,561.7 ft. (0-2,000 m) above mean sea level.

Overall Sound Pressure Level (OASPL)

The sound of the printer will not exceed 85 db and, therefore, does not require ear protection to operate.