Site Selection - Post-Processing Equipment

The following abbreviated site specifications are recommended for your post-processing equipment.

Space and Location Selection

You may choose to locate the Brill 3D Culinary Finishing Station and your part-storage solution in the same room as the printer, or in another room in your facility. With either option, please consider that the further the distance the printed part is moved from the printer to the post-processing area, the longer the opportunity for the part to get damaged by dropping, bumping into objects, and other environmental factors.

Refer to Optimal Site Layout for a suggestion for overall layout. Refer to the Weights and Measures Charts for weights and measurements of the Finishing Station. Consider the following additional specifications when selecting the location for your post-processing equipment.

3D Culinary Finishing Station Measurements

Door/Window Open


Door/Window Closed


Floor Surfaces

Flooring under the Finishing Station should be non-porous and suitable for cleaning. Carpeted floors should not be used, as they will be more difficult to clean of spilled waste powder.

Electrical Requirements

Power configuration:

120V~, 60 Hz, 10A, single phase

Electrical power for the Finishing Station must be on a circuit that is protected by an overcurrent protection UL 489 listed-certified as “branch type”. If finishing station is connected to a circuit protected by fuses, use time-delay fuse marked D. A surge-protector/UPS, while not required, is recommended in areas with frequent power fluctuations, as surges and spikes can damage electronic components and power loss can damage the unit.

Connection to AC Power

In the United States, the Finishing Station may plug into a standard 15-amp wall outlet. The Finishing Station connects to a 120V~ power outlet through a NRTL (example: UL) approved power cord.

Overall Sound Pressure Level (OASPL)

The sound of the finishing station will have a time limit per OSHA 1910.95(b)(2). The sound of the printer will not exceed 85 db and, therefore, does not require ear protection to operate.


The Finishing Station has its own internal ventilation system to collect excess build powder. There are no manufacturer requirements for additional ventilation. Contact your Facilities Manager for your requirements.