This guide provides you with information on how to properly prepare your facility for the Brill 3D Culinary Studio. This chapter introduces you to the printer and other system components — including lists of other support equipment and supplies that you will find helpful in setting up your facility.

Additional chapters include guidelines for the following:

  • Site Selection - gives information on how much space the printer requires, and the necessary services and equipment needed for a highly efficient, ideal location for your printer and its components.
  • System Delivery - provides information about preparing for the delivery of your printer.
  • System Installation - explains the process of, and requirements for, installing the printer in your facility.
  • Material Storage and Safety - gives you guidelines for proper storage, handling, and safety for printer powders and binders.
  • Third-Party Supplies and Equipment - provides a summary of the optional equipment and supplies that are recommended for efficient and complete part building, post processing, and finishing.

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