Applications, Benefits, Features


  • Direct production of plastic parts such as housings, brackets, snap-fits, automotive interior and peripheral parts, and other general-use parts
  • Large scale jigs and fixtures
  • Structural loaded parts
  • Digital production to replace injection molding or soft tooling processes


  • Thermoplastic behavior with necking at break gives better snap-fits and clip features
  • Long term environmental stability of mechanical properties and snap-fit performance
  • Durability and strength
  • Excellent surface quality, accuracy & repeatability without the tooling time and additional cost.


  • Long-term indoor and outdoor environmental stability
  • 64°C HDT @ 0.455MPa
  • 24% elongation at break
  • UL94 HB Flammability
  • Insulative dielectric properties
  • Biocompatible capable per ISO10993-5
  • Exhibits thermoplastic behavior when necking at break in tensile strength test