Post Processing Troubleshooting

p/n 31-D094 Rev B



Root Cause 


Patterns are floating in bath (no shells and infills) Pattern contains a lot of hollow regions filled with support wax.
  1. Debulk more of the support wax.
  2. Or, poke small holes in support material, then submerge and hold under the IPA to allow bubbles to escape.  Then place on the rack.
  3. Weigh down patterns.
Patterns are floating in bath (shells and infills) Inner cavity of patterns filled with porous wax.
  1. Strap down pattern to wire rack using plastic mesh.
  2. Weigh down patterns.
Complete wax removal is taking too long.

Cold Bath


Bath Saturated with Wax


Insufficient Agitation

  1. Bath may be too saturated (replace with new IPA).
  2. Bath may be too overcrowded with patterns – use fewer patterns per batch.  If possible, increase agitation as well.
  3. Pattern geometry has stagnant areas – reorient the area with lingering wax towards the oncoming flow of IPA.
  4. Bath temp may be too low. Re-measure temp and bump up temperature set point, if needed, to get to 95 °F (35 °C).
Solvent bath has solid wax floating Processing too many patterns in a single bath
  1. Only dissolve 0.9-1.0 pounds (400-450 grams) of support material per gallon of IPA.
  2. Minimize IPA evaporation day to day.
  3. Perform more de-bulking. This will allow more patterns to be processed in the same bath.
  4. Skim bath with small strainer before adding patterns
Patterns are dirty after rinse bath Rinse bath is not clean, or patterns did not spend enough time in rinse bath.
  1. Refresh rinse bath with fresh IPA and rinse patterns again.
  2. Allow more time for the patterns to rinse (especially if the rinse bath is at room temperature).
  3. Dispose of dirty bath if it is too saturated with support wax.