Figure 4 TOUGH 65C BLACK

Figure 4® TOUGH 65C BLACK - Versatile utilities with a good combination of impact strength, elongation, and tensile strength. Long-term Indoor and Outdoor environmental stability.

General Tips

  1. General best practices apply, as seen in the Figure 4 Print Material Quick Reference.
  2. Avoid printing parts flat. Orient parts for better flat surfaces.
  3. Parts, before and after cure can be easily scratched and show up on part surfaces.
  4. When printing  thick parts or very dense platforms, use Premium Plus for best results. Note mode will be ~2x slower but can provide very good part quality.
  5. For best results space parts at a minimum of 10mm apart.


Please see Orientation section for TOUGH-GRY 10.


General Flat Tip

Best for general use for fine small parts up to large and large cover parts.

Fine Flat Tip

Best for large, thin parts or small fine feature parts. Check coverage before printing.

General Round Tip - Default

Best for Standard Thick build style, when reliability is a must, such as tensile bars and accuracy blocks