Abort A Job

Abort a Print job

  1. To abort an active print job, press the Abort key.  
  2. Press Yes to the message, ABORT JOB? Y/N.

Abort Print Job_1.png

  1. The message bar will display ABORT ACKNOWLEDGE

Abort Print Job_2.png

  1. Select Yes to continue.

Abort Print Job_4.png

  1. The message bar will display FINISHING PRINT

Abort Print Job_3.png


  1. The 3D printer system will continue multiple curing cycles so the user will not be exposed to uncured material when removing the print.  The 3D printer system will continue to display FINISHING PRINT during the curing cycles.
  2. After the 3D printer system has completed the curing cycles, the message, REMOVE PRINT is displayed. 

Abort Print Job_5.png

  1. Press OK to the REMOVE PRINT message.  Open the build chamber and remove the print job from the build chamber.