Changing the Carbon Filter

Changing the Carbon Filter

The carbon filter will need to be replaced every 90 days to ensure the 3D printer system will perform at it’s optimal level.  The part number for the carbon filter is 318587-00.


Warning: You must wear nitrile gloves and protective sleeves when performing this procedure.

  1. Make certain the 3D printer system is not building.

  2. Switch the 3D printer system off as described in “3D Printer System Shutdown and Power Off.” 
  3. Open the build chamber door.

  1. Pull open the cover panel located below the chamber door.

  1. Use a flat bit screwdriver to loosen the screws on the bracket and remove bracket.

  1. Remove the carbon filter.
  2. Install the new carbon filter.
  3. Install bracket to secure filter and tighten screws.
  4. Replace the cover panel.
  5. Close the build chamber door.