At A Glance

ProJet® 5600 3D Professional Printer


Printer Info 1a.png  

A Build Chamber
B Support Material Upper A
C Support Material Lower B
D Operator's Touchscreen
E Build Material Upper A
F Build Material Lower B

Operator's Touchscreen


UI info A.png

A Systems Information - Provides printer name, printer type and software version
B File Name - Displays name of the current build
C Build Quality - Indicates the build quality for the current print
D Alerts - Displays the current status of the printer
E Progress Bar - The solid bar shows the progress of warm-up time, printing time, bottle melt time or current progress of an operation. Text indicates time remaining of current progress.
F Menu Bar - Press the icons to gain access to additional printer controls
G Abort Build - When displayed red, press to abort the current build job
H Start/Pause - Press to place the printer on/off or to start/pause a build job
I Chamber Light - Toggles the chamber light on and off
J Build Time - Indicates the start time, total print time, remaining print time and finish time of the current build
K Material Status - Indicates the levels of the installed material


Backside of Printer


A Ethernet Connection
B VGA Connector & USB Connections
C Printer Power Outlet
D Power Switch