Build Material - is a paste-like acrylic compound that is an ultraviolet (UV) curable material.

Print platform - this part is used by the 3D printer system to build parts. Support structures link the print to the print platform and must be removed from the 3D printer system once complete.

Chamber Door - the chamber door prevents harmful UV radiation from escaping the build chamber during the build process. The chamber door must be closed prior to starting or resuming a print job and is locked when a build is in progress.

Debug Log - is a text file used for obtaining information for resolving potential problems that may occur with the 3D printer system.

Job Scale Percentage (Job Scale %) - is used to resize parts during the build process.

Material Delivery Module - stores and feeds the material to the 3D printer system during the build process. Each material delivery module (MDM) can hold two (2) bottles of material. The 3D printer system is equipped with two (2) support material MDMs and two (2) build material MDMs.

Material Quality Guarantee - the 3D printer system reads an encrypted RFID tag on the cartridge to communicate parameters and ensure optimum build quality.

Modeling - the 3D printer system uses materials and a print platform to create three dimensional plastic prototype prints.

Touchscreen - is used to display print job status, menu options, and command prompts for the 3D printer system.

Post Curing (Finishing) - is the final process to remove support material from parts and clean the parts to a smooth finish prior to surface finishing and coating.

Shrink Comparison Percentage (Shrink Comp %) - is used to adjust for expected shrinkage during the build so actual part dimensions more closely match actual dimensions.

.STL File - is a three dimensional solid Computer-aided design (CAD) file format used to produce prints.
Support Material - is a wax based material that provides adhesion to the print platform and support for down facing surfaces and open volumes within the print.

Waste Material - is any uncured support and/or build material generated during a build process.

X-Axis - is the orientation of the part from front to rear on the print platform.

Y-Axis - is the orientation of the part from left to right on the print platform.

Z-Axis - is the orientation of the part height on the print platform.